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Enriching lives with natural and healthy products.

Petra has a different position in the field of direct selling with its product groups suitable for those having a natural and healthy lifestyle. Microfiber cleaning systems, ecological cleaning equipment, personal care products with natural ingredients, biodegradable products, kitchen appliances adding comfort to life… Well, we offer to consumers a special world with many kinds of products in many different varieties that cannot be found in stores.

Peria, Ecolinn, Biorichi, Aquaweil,VMS…Petra is growing with its own brands.

Do you have a job, but you need to find additional income? Are you a housewife, and you want to support your family’s budget? Do you want to improve your career and have chosen to advance in the field of direct selling marketing? Whatever your situation, your desires, your expectations, you can find business at Petra. Click Now ! →

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